ETimes TV had exclusively reported about Bigg Boss fame Sidharth Bhardwaj walking out of Mohit Suri’s ‘Ek Villain’ set. Both of them had exclusively shared their stance about what had happened.
Sidharth took to social, where he shared the report and also tagged the Bollywood director. Sidharthposted it with the caption, “I have nothing against mohit suri , if calling me highly unprofessional makes him sleep better at night then i gladly accept the compliment !! Commenting on this video like a big man with loads of time on his hands but not liking it.I tagged you now so you feel a part toooo.”
Mohit initially reacted to it saying, “Beta visa already hain! Aur Teri zaroorat nahin hain finance ke liye woh bhi already hajn . I didn’t even remember who you were. Reporter (ETimes TV) ne poocha toh assistant se pooch kar yaad karna pada . All the best to you man.”
Sidharth responded to it saying, “Bada samay hai sir , itney badey admi ho assistant se hi reply karwadete! chalo anyway swagat hai mere jaise chotey bande ki timeline pe.. If i was you id try to act like the bigger person for once but i guess money doesnt always bring class!”
It didn’t stop here. Mohit further wrote, “Naya tread shuru hua hain ! Bollywood didn’t understand me so i went away . You gave a audition . I liked it. I cast you . On the day of the shoot you refused to do the scene. I dropped you. Made my assistant do it. He did it better than you . Film did over 100 c . Story over.” To this, Sidharth replied, “Sir trend toh bahaut purana hai !! Directors like you trying to bully youngsters to feed their hurt ego or disturbed childhood ! Exactly my point i wasnt required to do that part and you changed script as per your convinience without even having the decency to letting the actor know cause to you my career meant nothing !! you wanted to treat me like a make up removing napkin and throw me in the trash after you were done with that scene ! I refused to do that cause my integrity and career means way more than lifting your ego to me.”
Mohit further wrote to Sidharth to continue abusing people to get fame. Here’s what went down between the two.


For the unversed, take a look at what Sidharth and Mohit had to say about the entire thing in our previous reports.

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