MUMBAI: With cyclone Biparjoy passing off the coast of Mumbai, flight operations at the city airport were hit on Sunday evening as four flights diverted to other airports, while the pilots of seven arrival flights were forced to abort their first attempt at landing. The evening arrivals and departures were delayed by an average of 40 minutes.
Four out of the seven flights that carried out ‘go-arounds’ had come in to land around 10.30pm. As the gusts grew stronger, one after another pilots of four back-to-back arrival flights aborted landings to climb for a second attempt at touch down, said a source. Among the flights that carried a ‘go-around’ were arrivals from Kozhikode, Bengaluru and Bangkok.
The flights that diverted included Malaysian Airlines MH194 from Kuala Lumpur which was scheduled to land at 10.15pm but diverted to Ahmedabad, IndiGo 6E5381 from Chennai which diverted to Ahmedabad and Air India 638 from Ahmedabad diverted to Shamshabad.
Aviation weather report issued around 10 pm showed southwest winds of 39 kmph, gusting upto 57 kmph. The forecast for the next few hours showed thunderstorm and light rain showers.

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